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20 Free Web Fonts

20 Beautiful Web Fonts You Can Download For Free

Fonts are integral part of any web design process. Often, designers tend to get overwhelmed by the multitude options of web fonts available across popular platforms such as Google web font, font squirrel and many others. It may get difficult for designers to single out the appropriate fonts for their design projects. For this very reason, I’ve compiled a list of 20 amazing fonts useful for web projects.

Also, these fonts are available for free download. With so many fonts available for free download, it hardly makes sense to spend big bucks on purchasing fonts. Just read the licensing before the download and actual use.

1: Maven

Maven Font

Download font


2: Blanch


Download font


3: Cubano

Cubano font

Download font


4: Lavanderia

lavenderia font

Download font


5: Haymaker

haymaker font

Download font


6: Habana

habana font
Download font


7: Deming

deming font

Download font


8: Highlands

highlnads font

Download font



9: Quaver

Quaver font

Download font



10: Ranger

ranger font

Download font



11: Avril Sans

Avril Sans Font

Download font



12: Bemio

bemio font

Download font



13: Venera

venera font

Download font



14: Edmond Sans

Edmond sans font

Download font



15: Geared

geared Font

Download font



16: Museo

museo font

Download font



17: Sanchez

Sanchez font

Download font



18: Sansation

sansation font

Download font



19: Sofia

Sofia font

Download font



20:  Arvo

Arvo font

Download font


These are some of the fonts which I find to be crisp, neat and nimble  for web projects. Please share with us some of your most loved fonts for web projects in the comments section.

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