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Future of Convergence in Technology

With on the rise, here’s Ubuntu’s answer to the addition of a new platform thus completing their entire stack.
We already use Ubuntu desktops and a server at Technolits, soon there will be a Phone OS and Tablet OS too.

The has a new project to foster, Ubuntu has given a very good in comparison to Android/iOS, goes to show that they can still redefine the whole UI/ with so much more elegance.

But the key element here is, this is just the start, we’re soon heading into interoperability becoming more and more clear, people are going to have a wide array of platforms/devices they use in combination (like , Ubuntu and Windows Desktops).

Ofcourse with such of platforms and availability of devices, most of them release their individual SDK’s to the Open Source community with the hope that it will increase development and help with faster resolution of bugs along with development of , there is a need for more and more developers always just as more and more SDK’s shape up. Some things become standards and are common across most SDK’s but the crux of it remains different programming languages.

I feel soon there will be only one way to develop apps and distribute them alongwith which all platforms will share that data and playback content with each other. One way in which no matter what OS you use, the will be set in the next few years such that interoperability is preserved. One framework in which all these apps can be compiled and distributed no matter what kind of developer you are, as i said standards will be formed.

All this is just sets the tone for so much more that will shape up, unified , /sharing interface.

Hope we all can take advantage of the evolving times and make the most of the opportunities.

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