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What role are you going to play in the future?

Looking at this concept in the video, We all can foresee we are at some point heading towards our day being filled with displays all around us.

What this means is that there will be major hardware overhaul and along with that the software around it which has to be seamless and integrated for all platforms, as you are aware we currently live in a PC, Phone and Tablet platform age where each has multiple OS’s powering them.

This will eventually fizzle out and pave way for standards based on which everything is accessible and mostly all of this will come from the Web itself, since the Web Technologies are the only place at the heart of the Internet and most of the Web is shaped up by people with passion for it unlike companies which claim to be doing their bit at with hidden agendas.

Look at the Standards NodeJS or as a technology are shaping up, all of this being powered by the sheer drive of making the web technologies more powerful and the sheer joy of doing things they were told were impossible earlier. For instance playing high graphic games in the browser with WebGL.

Which brings me to the next point, with standards in place, devices will communicate effectively & flawlessly with all its fanciness out there.

This makes me wonder  “What role do you think you’ll be playing in this time as a person involved in the technology side?
Do you think what you do now or the skills you have now will evolve to match something you could do then?  Would that be a significant part of this new technology?

Being involved with only hardware can be fun, but that needs perfect with software too. One of the essential part of the softwares would be an elegant UI/, the would need killer backend systems which crunch data to provide smarter stats and do lot more processing at the tap of button or a fancy gesture, this ever-increasing data would need efficient . Since the data maybe private or even encrypted in nature.

Even if the data is safe, there will be an ever growing demand to access it represent it on different devices and share the data with people. Interoperability will become crucial.

Ubuntu Complete Lineup

We have separate types of tools which help us with interoperability now file sharing apps like Dropbox and Media Server apps like Plex, not to forget the major work done in by browsers such as Firefox/Chrome.

There will always be multiple apps providing the same features in a different UX whats important is that the plug n play nature of installing/accessing data from these apps on all platforms all types of displays becomes a piece of cake.

The list of things to come and the evolving prospects can go on & on. This holds true for multiple industries, but no matter what it all evolves to, the Software will always be in your face in any kind of display/device you use.

Check out the video at which shows how our academics do not teach people to code yet and how important that can be for everyones future.

All in all, lets hope the future is fair to us we all have a crucial/contributing role to play in it.
Lets hope we’re not obsolete :P

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