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WordPress Almighty!

During the past few years, has evolved enormously from just being a blogging tool to a,

  • for professional web designers and agencies.
  • Base framework for web developers and technically enabled companies like ours.

Here at Technolits Technologies, on a numerous occasions, WordPress has been used to its fullest, as a  Content Management System, and as a base framework on top of which complex yet user friendly web applications and web products are developed to meet today’s need.

The most remarkable thing about WordPress is that on a single installation you can manage 3 entirely different things,

  • Your website, to promote your business/service.
  • Your blog, to express your thoughts and latest happenings.
  • Your web application/web product, which would be used by tens of thousands of people all around the world.

We have done it in the past. We have helped people build all the above 3 things just using WordPress as a single base setup and rest running on top of it. This implementation not only saves time and cost to the clients, but also eases the maintainability issue. So, there is only one back-end that the client (i.e. the product owner) uses to manage everything. The back-end provided by WordPress is very user friendly and even a non technical person can use it to its best without wasting much time on learning and getting used to the functionality.

awareness and promotion, (SEO), Media Uploads (audio and video) has become an integral part of any service or product offered to the users of the internet. So, if you have your 3 things (website, blog and web application/product) developed on a single platform using WordPress, its becomes really very easy to do the social promotion, SEO and media management right from your website.

Some of our projects that are currently using the power of WordPress,

Stay tuned to hear more on WordPress Almighty!

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